Unbalance Output

Off-grid Backup

Battery Range 135~750V

Energy Management

Leading Features

  • Max. efficiency up to 98.0%
  • With AC output ranging from 3kW to 8kW
  • Powerful load adaptability, support multiple loads stable access
  • Fast and easy data checking and commissioning via App or OLED display
  • Wide battery voltage range allows more battery modules connection and increases self consumption rate
  • Fast charging/discharging of up to 30A to meet the demand of higher consunption and energy trading
  • Compatible with most on-grid inverters in the market
  • Uninterruptible power supply, switch to off-grid mode within 10ms

Morning: low output, high demand

In the early morning, PV generation cannot meet the energy consumption, Sunways energy storage system will bridge the gap with the power stored in the battery in the previous day.

Midday: high output, low demand

PV generation is at its peak in the day time. But since nobody is at home and the energy consumption is very low, so most generated power will be stored in the battery of Sunways energy storage system.

Evening: high demand, zero output

The highest energy consumption in a day is at the evening and PV generates little even zero energy at this time. The Sunways energy storage system will bridge the gap with the power generated during the day.





Battery TypeLithium battery (with BMS)
Battery Communication ModeCAN / RS485
Battery Voltage Range (V)85-500
Maximum Charging Current (A)30/30
Maximum Charging Current (A)30/30
Rated Current Of Built-In Fuse (A)63



Rated Output Power (W)3,0003,6004,2004,6005,000/4,990 ①6,0007,0008,000
Max. Output Power (W)3,3003,9604,6004,6005,500/4,990 ①6,6007,7008,000
Ac Output Rated Apparent Power (VA)3,0003,6004,2004,6005,000/4,990 ①6,0007,0008,000
Max. Apparent Power (VA)3,3003,9604,6004,6005,500/4,990 ①6,6007,7008,000
Max. Input Apparent Power (VA)6,000 ②7,200 ②8,400 ②9,200 ②10,000 ②11,000 ②11,000 ②11,000 ②
Rated Output Voltage (V)L/N/PE,220/230/240
Rated Ac Frequency (Hz)50/6050/6050/6050/6050/6050/6050/6050/60
Ac Output Rated Current (A)1315.718.32021.726.131.836.3
Max. Output Current (A)1518212125/21.7 ①28.73536.3
Power Factor0.8 leading …0.8 lagging
Max. Total Harmonic Distortion<3% @Rated Output Power



Ups Switching Time<10ms<10ms<10ms<10ms<10ms<10ms<10ms<10ms
Rated Output Voltage (V)L/N/PE,220/230/240
Rated Ac Frequency (Hz)50/6050/6050/6050/6050/6050/6050/6050/60
Peak Output Apparent Power (VA)6 ,000 ③,60s7,200 ③,60s8,400 ③,60s9,200 ③,60s10,000 ③,60s10,000 ③,60s10 ,000 ③,60s10,000 ③,60s
Voltage Harmonic Distortion<3% @Linear load
EfficiencyBattery Charged By Pv Max. Efficiency98.0%98.0%98.0%98.0%98.0%98.0%98.0%98.0%
BMaatxteBraytCtehrayrDgeisdchBayrAgec MCoanx.vEeffirsicoienncy96.6%96.6%96.6%96.6%96.6%96.6%96.6%96.6%
Max. Battery Discharge Conversion Efficiency96.6%96.6%96.6%96.6%96.6%96.6%96.6%96.6%
Battery input reverse connection protectionIntegrated
Insulation Resistance ProtectionIntegrated
Surge ProtectionIntegrated
Over-temperature ProtectionIntegrated
Residual Current ProtectionIntegrated
Islanding protectionFrequency shift, Integrated
AC Over-voltage ProtectionIntegrated
Overload protectionIntegrated
AC Short-circuit ProtectionIntegrated
General Data
Overvoltage categoryMain: Ⅲ
Dimensions (mm)550W*410H*175D
Weight (KG)23
Protection DegreeIP65
Self-consumption at Night (W)<15
Operating Temperature Range (° C)-30~60
Relative Humidity (%)0~100
Operating Altitude (m)3000
CoolingNatural Convection
Noise Level (dB)<25
DisplayOLED & LED
CommunicationWiFi/LAN (Optional)



* The grid feed in power for AS/NZS 4777.2 is limited 4.99kW & 4.99kVA & 21.7A.
** Max apparent power from the grid means the maximum power imported from the utility grid used to satisfy the backup loads and charge the battery.
*** The output power will exceed the rated value only when the power in the PV array is sufficient, and the duration of the overload is relating to the overload power.