Net Metering

Net metering in Pakistan is relatively a new concept which is highly beneficial for solar system owners. As the country is blessed with ample sunlight, solar panels generate more electricity in the day than our need, this excessive energy will be of no use if net metering compliant solar system has not been installed on your rooftop. But if you have the said facility, you can sell this additional amount of electricity to the grid and can earn electricity units in the monthly bill. Net metering is a new yet legal practice in the country as NEPRA had issued regulations about it a few years back. Whether you are a domestic or commercial consumer, net metering will be equally advantageous

Advantages of Net Metering

  • Reduced electricity bills.
  • Benefit for the environment.
  • No need to install expensive battery storage system.
  • Take some pressure off electric grids.
  • Encourages customers to move towards renewable energy.
  • Preserves natural energy resources


BH Solar provides complete assistance from preparing net metering application form till successful commissioning through net metering activation. We are authorized by Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) for net metering installations across the country. A number of cases have been registered and completed for net metering systems by our company.