Photon PV 7000 6KW Twin

Safe and Reliable

  • Adapt to complex power grid
  • High reliability due to good heat dissipation design
  • Integrated lightning protection for both DC and AC
  • Provides clean and stable power suitable for sensitive electronics and appliances.
  • IP21, adapt to various installation environments

High Yield

·         Pure Sine Wave Output

·         Dual Output for Smart Load Management

·         Self-Consumption and Feed into the Grid

·         Programmable supply priority for PV, Battery or Grid

·         User adjustable charging current up to 100 amperes

Easy to Use

·         Detachable LCD Control Module with multiple communications

·         Built in WIFI for mobile monitoring

·         Reserved communication port for BMS (RS485)

·         Support USB on the go function

·         Parallel Operations Up to nine Units