Photon Lithium Battery 48V 100Ah

5 Years


IP 21 Protection

Safe and Reliable

·         Stores more energy in a smaller, lighter package.

·         Lasts for over 2000-3000 charge-discharge cycles.

·         Charges quicker than traditional batteries.

·         Minimal energy loss during charge and discharge.

·         Easier to transport and install.

·         Built-in protections against overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent, and short circuits.

Solid Design

·         Provides stable voltage throughout discharge.

·         Delivers high power output in a compact form.

·         Easily expandable for larger energy needs.

·         Rapidly regains full power after discharge.

·         Reduces energy loss and heat generation.

·         Resistant to physical shocks and vibrations.

Smart Monitoring

·         LED BMS for Monitoring

·         Reliable Performance

·         Vertical Industrial Chain

·         Superior low failure rate

·         Modular Design for expansion