Key Advantages

  • High energy density: more energy with less weight and footprint.
  • High charge currents (short charge period)
  • High discharge currents Long battery life
  • High efficiency between charging and discharging.
  • Higher continual power available Wide operating temperature
Model Li-48100
Applications ESS/Solar
Battery material Lithium Iron Phosphate
Combination method 16S
Minimal capacity( 1C) 100Ah
Nominal Capacity 100Ah
Nominal voltage 51.2V
Max. charge voltage 58.4V
Discharge cut-off voltage 46V
Max Charge current 100A
Max Working current 100A
Standard charge current 20A
Standard discharge current 50A
Pack Impedance standard【 Without BMS】 ≤6 mΩ
Pack Impedance standard【 Contain BMS】 ≤18mΩ
Weight (Approx.) 50.5KG
Max. dimension( L×W×H) (mm) 670*310*300mm
Charge temperature -20℃~60℃
Discharge temperature
Single cell over-charge cut-off voltage 3.65V
Over-charge release voltage 3.65V
Single under-voltage protection value 2.6V
Under voltage release value 2.8V
Over current protection value 100A
Over-discharge cut-off current delay 30mS-50mS
Short-circuit protection Yes
Short-circuit protection delay ≤1mS
Condition for the recovery of over-current and Short-circuit Disconnect the load
Balance current —–